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Meet Amara Barner

Amara Barner is a professional dancer, artisan, cat mom, and eclectic witch. Meet the maker.

Amarantha: Witch Crafts was conceived from the belief in the effective results of channeling healing, protective, and wellness energy through natural stones, crystals, and materials. Amara felt the need to expand her spiritual practice by interweaving her passion for art, and healing through crafting sessions with tasked meditations. The results of this spiritual practice are striking decor pieces that add nurturing vitality and focused energy into any room. Amara is an empathic and intuitive tarot card reader. She hopes Amarantha: Witch Crafts evolves as a 'go to' helpful hand for spiritual wellbeing. Amara has had the honour to expand her crafting beyond the small scale and into stage set production for Montreal artist, Anachnid. She led the weaving of a large dream catcher to be worn as a skirt for Anachnid, as can be seen here.

Amara Barner is a multidisciplinary freelance artist from Minnesota, who currently resides in Montreal, Quebec (Tio’tia:ke). At 18 years old, Amara was the youngest hire for the Montreal dance company, Rubberband. She traveled and performed internationally with the company from 2016-2021. Amara was featured in an article for Dance Magazine’s July 2020 issue as an “Artist On The Rise”. Amara is currently a student at Concordia, studying Fibres and Materials. Amara presented her first solo work combining performance and installation entitled “mongrel” in 2021 at Concordia’s VAV gallery. 

Photos by Qure Agency

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