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The Weight of Being an Empath

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It is often a recommendation, but never a caution.

I have heard it said that "We need more empathy in the world"... But as an empath myself, I would never wish this ability on another being. We often speak of being empathic as the idea of 'walking in another person's shoes' or 'seeing another person's perspective from their experience. But what about the few who feel other people's emotions as if it is their own?

Before you can understand someone else's emotions, you must first face your own.

What are your immediate emotional reactions?

What does it mean to be an empath? What does it look like, feel like? How do you know?

It looks like your brother, sister, mother, friend, arch nemesis, favourite artist, role model, the list goes on. It could be anyone, because it is anyone. The empath is no more special than anyone else. They are tasked with errands and their own set of responsibilities like you and me. This is the point. They will not stand out in magical appearance. An empath is given an extra extension to the human experience, they can feel all of the emotions running through aura fields and beyond. They can feel everyones' emotions as their own emotions.

What does it feel like?

On a good day, it feels empowering. On a bad day, it might feel like hell. If an empath is not aware of their empathic capabilities, or if they are lacking the proper tools for filtration and release, they might get easily overwhelmed in the chaos of everyday life. An empath might pick up a stranger's anxiety or stress, and confuse it as their own. An empath might awake from the night with stomach pain and a headache, not knowing it came from their best friend's nightmares. It means added responsibilities in terms of preventative self care, through awareness and conscious energy placement.

This speaks to me, I am an empath. How do I take care of myself?

First things first, I recommend daily grounding meditations and learning to set up a *metaphorical shield. This shield will be set up during your meditations, and can be as simple as an impenetrable bubble, and as elaborate as distancing yourself from others like a castle with a mote. If you are an empath, it is important not to get swept up in the whirlwind of what is happening around you. Establishing your own sacred safe place within yourself will be critical.

How do I properly filter out someone else's emotions?

Think about slowing your breath, and disconnecting your present being from your busy mind, one inhale and exhale at a time. Are these your own emotions stirring inside of you? Do you have anything to be worked up about personally? Ask yourself where did this unease come from? If this 'weird' feeling is coming from outside your own aura field, release it back to spirit, or make a decision to confront the source.

What do you mean by "give it back to spirit"?

When I mention spirit, I am including the thought of any energy, force, or nature that is existing beyond our material world. Everything that we experience exists beyond us, in many layers and connecting facets throughout the spiritual realms. This includes emotions. If you can be aware of this, you can take a wise approach to process and filter the information you receive through your own auric field. Any karmic cycle, or information that you feel you have learned your lesson from, you can give back to spirit consciously. "I no longer choose to keep this in my karmic archives. I give thanks to Mother Earth, Sister Moon, and Father Sun for their wisdom. I compassionately sever ties". Speak aloud when you give an attachment back to spirit. Express your gratitude for learning a valuable lesson.

How would I confront the source?

Community and conversation can be a beautiful support system that we often under utilize. Confrontation does not need to be problematic. Our communication skills need to come from a place of patience, understanding, and acceptance. A true friend is one that you can speak honestly with. But we do not need to be friends with everyone that we have an honest conversation with.

Let us think about a technique to facilitate a safe and comfortable confrontation in a work place scenario.

I feel my coworker is agitated, unhappy, and closed off. This has affected me in a way that I feel impatient and irritable. I feel comfortable approaching them, but I do not want to further their distress.

First, take a breath. Remember, these emotions are not coming from you. Release the unease from your own auric field, and accept that this person is experiencing something unpleasant. You need to drop any emotional baggage or resentment you might be personally carrying in your interpretation of their experience. If you can do this in a calm manner, ask if they are okay. They might be confused. They might feel self conscious because they thought they were hiding it pretty well. Stay quiet and allow them to accept that you see them, feel them. They might wonder why are you asking them, answer and say "I felt you might be a little off today. I wanted to reach out and give you space to vent and get it off your chest. Maybe I could help". If they choose to not share with you, accept it without judgement. They will know you thought of their wellbeing. Release it back to spirit, and wish for them to find closure. If they do choose to share with you, give them a clear and uncritical space to process their own emotions. This will help you to filter it through your own field as well.

There might not be a resolution to be found, but you were able to take proper steps to releasing the energetic weight you felt from picking up passing emotions from the day. You were also able to facilitate a peaceful confrontation and possible resolution for someone else.

In this way, being an empath could turn into more of a superpower than a burden.

Witchy Sentiments

every blog post is accompanied by a poem written by Amarantha.

Where did this come from? a test

Is this an increased awareness or form of intuition?

To understand the source of energy

From which I filter through,

Am I the bee or the flower?

Who stands on high tower?

Is this mine,

Or did I pick it up from passersby?

Always go back to the source

Resource, Rejoice

Do not fight it

Let it melt to liquid,

Wash through

(with loofah: recommended)

From head to toe

By Aura too

Process, Accept the lesson

Release, and gift to a tree

Nullified the toxic substance

Recycled into new source

Vaporized to breaths of cloud

For someone else to input in system

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