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How To: Energy Exchange With Trees

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Are you a tree hugger? The benefits to an energy exchange with trees could be a powerful healing experience.

Square Saint Louis Park, Montreal

Beyond the Hippy Archetype

It is no secret that being amongst trees can help to quiet our anxieties. You won't need to change your lifestyle to gain the benefits from touching a tree. You only need a few minutes and a simple meditation technique to facilitate a healing exchange directly from the earth.

Why Would The Tree Be Receptive of My Energy Exchange?

Trees are powerful vessels that emit Chi energy. They are the oldest life form on this planet. Their roots are used as a connection network to the heart beat of nature. They are spongelike in their acceptance to energy, sending anything they receive down into their roots and into the soil. This energy is recycled into untarnished and nurturing vitality from the Earth. If we connect ourself through grounding meditation to the vibration of the trees, we can insert ourselves into the already happening recycling process. We can safely dispose of our grief, stress, and anxieties, in addition to becoming a vessel for healing.

"So... How Do I Do it?"

When you are outside, take some time to slow your breathe and quiet your thoughts. Focus your attention on the present moment in this environment. Are there any trees that you feel more drawn to? When you find your tree, stand arms length distance and reach your dominant hand out to make contact. Close your eyes, and visualize roots trailing from your legs and underneath your feet that reach down into the depths of middle Earth. These roots turn golden as you connect with the nurturing energy of the Earth. Imagine you are gathering any toxic thoughts or energies as a dark slimy goo. Let the slime travel out of your arm and into the tree. Pull the golden light upwards from your roots to fill the space the slime once was in your body. Maintain this cycle of energy exchange until the slime has left your body. Open your eyes, and accept the reorientation of your being. Express a thank you in gratitude to the tree, and continue with the rest of your day.

Witchy Sentiments

every blog post is accompanied by a poem written by Amarantha.

Cleansing Meditation

"I align myself under the sun’s charge and the moon’s glow

through light and darkness, my duality shows

I share myself with strength and graceful flow

I honour my soul with balance of intake and outflow

Like the changing of seasons, I will transform

With my grounded spirit, I can weather any storm

Slow and steady I evolve to my potential

shed what does not serve me, and honour the essential"

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