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Why Do You Call Yourself A Witch?

When I was in middle school, I was prescribed glasses for my nearsightedness. Eventually, I needed contacts in order to see properly while I was physically active. I decided to experiment with coloured contacts like blue, green, and hazel.

Who doesn't dream of the ability to change the unchangeable?

At school, I was met with bullying. They called me a witch! And at this vulnerable time of my life, I took it offensively. I was unable to wear a title like this proudly.

About 10 years later, at a party, a stranger asked me if I was a witch. This person was serious and also, not trying to insult me. After a long period of silence, during which I stepped back from my own teenage trauma and pondered that question, I answered with an "I don't know".

I want to share with you, my evolution from "I don't know" to a proud "Yes".

This change of answer marks a time in my life full of discovery, acceptance, motivation, and purpose. That purpose being to truly believe in all of the possibilities of who I am, and what makes me - me. The quest for self-realization in life is different for everyone. I hope that my story can help someone out there to continue forging your own path forward. Because somewhere along our journey, we are bound to deal with feelings of uncertainty.

I want to offer a redirection from the negative connotations of the word "witch"

and for any baby witches out there, I'm here to let you know that you're not alone!

Let's talk about some of the collective stereotypical ideas of witches...

I have personally heard things such as witches "worship the devil", "eat children", and "sacrifice babies". In movies and TV shows, we might see them do these things. They might even have green skin, wear pointy hats, have maniacal laughs, and fly on broomsticks in these Hollywood fantasies. These chilling portrayals were encouraged long before Hollywood took profit. These slanted ideas of witches were initially used by the Catholic Churches to incite enough fear to fuel the witch hunting middle ages.

So, were all of the convicted witches during this time conducting blood sacrifices to praise their dark lord? Probably not. So, what then were they doing? Nowadays, we offer labels for specialties. The 'witch' who was foraging the forest - tending to the flora and fauna, creating herbal blends, potions, and remedies: a botanist or herbalist! The difference today is that the studies are supported by science. Someone who calls themselves a Green Witch today might behave similar to an herbalist or botanist, until they start singing to plants, praying to the Mother Earth, and conducting a ceremony of appreciation to whichever plant they are taking to use in their next tincture/potion. There are endless labels at present time for every type of witch, but not all witches are keen to labels. And that's OK! With these endless labels, there are definitely dark witches out there who utilize black magick. It is important to note that not all witches practice black or blood magick, or associate themselves with such. Just like the millions of possibilities of personality types and physical characteristics for any individual person, there also exists a broad spectrum to the practice of magick!

A basic tenet that many witch's regard is the Rule of Three, or Threefold Law. This states that whatever energy you put out into the universe is returned to you, threefold. When you point your index finger at something, there are always three fingers pointed back at you. It is a conscious reminder to be aware of the energy you release and actions you take, be it negative or positive. During the current climate of the world, a lesson like this can be potent. Many are shifting their lifestyle ways to align with more consideration to the future of the planet, and the future for upcoming generations. It is important to continue building out of consideration and compassion. For this reason, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who consider themselves to be Lightworkers, Witches, Warlocks, etc.

It is time to usher in a new age of living consciously with nature, not against it.

The more that I researched on witchcraft and magick, the more I felt like I was coming home to myself. The times I had dreams about events before they happened, were clarified with a term like clairvoyance. The times I got stomachaches and headaches, feeling like something bad was happening, and then was given news of a friend or family member going through a hard time - was clarified with a term like clairsentience. I am now aware of my heightened intuition, and can build this skill like a muscle in my body. Memories of talking to trees, seeing fairies in my dreams, hearing the wind sing to me, feeling that I can communicate with animals, and feel someone else's emotional pain as my own were all answered. Being a witch to me, is building upon an awareness, and living with conscious effort to respect the energy that connects everything in this universe. You are then able to harness that energy and utilize it in your everyday life.

The moon's cycles educate me and encourage me to break free of old habits, to make room for new. The earth's cycles remind me of the nurturing capabilities within us all, as well as the necessary component of death in order to rebirth. The sun teaches me to carry myself with warmth and accountability. I can recognize the dual nature that inhabits everything. There is no light without darkness. I praise the natural elements that make up this life that we live. I have seen a change in myself that is only due to this change in the way I perceive the world, and therefore myself. I am able to build a spiritual practice that works for me. I benefit from this connection when I perform as a professional dancer, when I craft new products for Amarantha:Witchcrafts , and when I simply go for a walk outside! I know now, that I was always a witch.

A picture of young Amarantha on Halloween

So mote it be.

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