Agate Crystal X-Large Macrame

Agate Crystal X-Large Macrame

✨ Slow and steady wins the race, says the Agate crystal. The Orange Agate hanging in this piece are esteemed to balance the duality within us all: yin and yang, positive and negative energy. The Agate crystal works slowly to initiate long term evolution, bringing out change that makes a difference in the long run. Orange Agate is a grounding crystal connecting to the Sacral Chakra, helping to work through emotional blockages by stabilizing and focusing energy. Orange rope furthers this activation of the Sacral Chakra to balance the emotional levels. Yellow rope is used to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra - a subtle nudge to take accountability of your presence, bringing full confidence and conviction to every action you take. Purifying neutral rope to offer protection, and encourage a steady rhythm of intake and outflow. Brown rope brings us back to the Earth, inspiring growth, stability, and nurturing vitality. Brown is a refocusing colour, inspiring us to find productive structure and order that works for us within the chaos of our lives. ✨



width: 39 inches 

length: 69 inches  


    All of my products are one of a kind, I do not repeat designs, there is always variation in colour or style. All macrame cords are 100% all natural rope. Each purchase is included with dried lavender, and a prayer/mantra to repeat aloud for cleansing and setting intentions.