Capricorn Dream Catcher

Capricorn Dream Catcher

Capricorn ♑️ 
✨December 21st-January 21st✨
Capricorns are known to be realistic and knowledgeable, often times becoming leaders within their own pack of family and friends. This earth sign carries the same grounding energy found in the other two earth signs, virgo and taurus. Sometimes this abundance of earth energy may leave this sign with seemingly cold and/or stubborn energy in dealings with others. Many Capricorns wear a serious crown of discipline, forging their own path and thus leading the way for others to follow. Capricorns are masters of fear allowing them to face the world with incomparable bravery. Capricorn’s ambition and diligence knows no bounds, and people of this sign are known to hold high standards for everyone in their life. Their organized and analytical mindsets bring a go-getter attitude to any task list put in front of them. They have no problem setting big goals, and working obsessively to bring their dreams to fruition. People of this sign are known to keep it real. Capricorns need to keep an eye on the balance of their realistic attitude so that it doesn’t sway towards pessimism. In matters of love, Capricorns tend to approach their relationships the same way as a job - commitment, time, energy, and hard work are put in to bring success! They are known to be slow to open up, but will love with intense loyalty and strength once they’ve forged a strong connection. This reliable sign doesn’t react well to nosiness or overbearing energy, let them be in charge of their destiny to maintain a good friendship with a Capricorn. This sign’s power colours are brown, beige, black, and white. Symbols of their classic and refined auras. In the centre of this piece is wire wrapped Smoky Quartz crystal, a power crystal for Capricorns. This crystal brings detoxifying and grounding energy to the emotional, mental, and physical environment - allowing this sign to thrive. It also helps to release Capricorns of self criticizing tendencies. 


    All of my products are one of a kind, I do not repeat designs, there is always variation in colour or style. All macrame cords are 100% all natural rope. Each purchase is included with dried lavender, and a prayer/mantra to repeat aloud for cleansing and setting intentions

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