Sagittarius Dreamcatcher

Sagittarius Dreamcatcher

Sagittarius ♐️ Lasting from November 23rd - December 21st. 


This sign’s power colours are ranging between deep blues and purple hues. Sagittarius are most popularly known for their innate desires of freedom. Not liking anything that feels hindering, limiting, constraining, or “clingy”. They have open and philosophical minds, with a gift of accepting change. They are generous and motivated fire signs, making sure their dreams become reality. They are often idealistic, impatient, and on a bad day they might speak before fully thinking something through. Often playful and good humoured, they need adventure and passionate fun to feel fulfilled. There is a wire wrapped Amethyst crystal hanging in the centre of this piece. This calming crystal assists Sagittarius in calming their impatience, and strengthening their connection to third eye intuition. Overall this piece will help to bring balance in everyday life, as well as insight into the world the Sagittarius long to understand ✨


    All of my products are one of a kind, I do not repeat designs, there is always variation in colour or style. All macrame cords are 100% all natural rope. Each purchase is included with dried lavender, and a prayer/mantra to repeat aloud for cleansing and setting intentions