Turquoise & Taupe Macrame Shelf

Turquoise & Taupe Macrame Shelf

Turquoise & Taupe macrame shelf 🌱 turquoise is an emotionally stabilizing colour, helping to work through tough periods of healing in order to find long term balance. Turquoise is a powerful conduit, with the calming effects of blue, the nurturing growth of green, as well as the uplifting and motivating energy of yellow! ✨ Taupe is a beautiful neutral, helping to balance any overactive energy ✨ in the center of the piece is a chunky blue quartz crystal. This stone activates the third eye and throat chakras, easing communication and helping to instil an intuitive confidence. This shelving unit overall carries an effective energy of a brave and stoic sense of self 🧙🏽‍♀️✨


    All of my products are one of a kind, I do not repeat designs, there is always variation in colour or style. All macrame cords are 100% all natural rope. Each purchase is included with dried lavender, and a prayer/mantra to repeat aloud for cleansing and setting intentions

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