Turtle Magic Large Macrame

Turtle Magic Large Macrame

Large macrame featuring a real Red Eared Slider turtle shell! The turtle is associated with many tales of mythology and magic, entrusting their existence as a bridge between the physical and spiritual planes. The symbolism carried with the turtle include patience, longevity, the lunar cycle, grounding Earth and adaptable water energies. The Red Eared Slider can be used in your spiritual practice as a token to communicate, ask questions, and receive guidance from the spiritual plane. This turtle shell overall may help to awaken the senses, strengthen intuitive prowess, and open passage for clairsentience/clairvoyance. Hang this macrame in the home where deep thinking, dreaming, planning, meditation, and healing will be done.


    All of my products are one of a kind, I do not repeat designs, there is always variation in colour or style. All macrame cords are 100% all natural rope. Each purchase is included with dried lavender, and a prayer/mantra to repeat aloud for cleansing and setting intentions. 

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