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Multidisciplinary Projects
dance and fibres installations


a multidisciplinary performance and fibres installation. mongrel is an attempt to capture a journey of becoming and self-acceptance. I grew up in predominately white communities. I rejected my brown skin and tangled hair. It wasn't until I was surrounded by the diversity of NYC, that I began to accept my mixed heritage. In 2020, I saw myself as beautiful for the first time. I understand that beauty is messy. It is all encompassing of both light and darkness in aura and presence.


VAV Gallery 2021 - 25 min performance, installation

VAV Gallery 2022 -  installation, video projection

Circuit Est 2022 - bancs d'essai 10 min excerpt

Tangente March 2024 - details coming soon


ceremony for a cycle

Ceremony for a Cycle is a screen printed / macramé installation, featuring the cyclical phases of the moon, and the life stages of the Luna Moth. The work was created on the theme of transformation, where a New Moon and its potential for change is reflected in the eggs of a Moth. Throughout each phase of the moon, the moth develops its potential, until eventually decaying back into the Earth. The cycle must continue. The Earth gives and takes, in both composition and decomposition. We look to the moon knowing the tides of the ocean, and our innermost selves are effected. We must shed what no longer serves us in order to rebirth into our next cycle.


TedTed Performance Group Event NYC January 2023 


the sunflower woman

My dreams are often quite vivid and extraordinary. They offer opportunities for insight. Sometimes fantastical creatures and beings visit me, who come to offer wisdom or guidance. A woman with a large sunflower as a face and a human body visited me in my dreams. She was on a task of renewal. It was her spirit and focused energy that supported the natural flora and fauna through the cycles of seasons. As a messenger of change, she prepares the living forms of the forest for the imminent death of winter. She promises the rebirth of spring. The Sunflower Woman is vital to periods of transition.


Dancing in the Park Online 2022 - festival screening

Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 10.04.12 PM.png

the songbird dreams of singing

Research suggests that a songbird can stockpile a song in their memory, then rehearse it later in their sleep. It is possible for humans to gain control and shape the circumstances of their dreams. People with these abilities are often called dreamwalkers. Some say that having this ability can help to manifest change in the waking world, by planting an idea or desire as a seed in the subconscious. The Songbird Dreams of Singing is a multidisciplinary solo featuring a large scale bird’s nest. The dancer exists in a liminal dream state, exploring and manifesting potential change and self-development. 


World Premiere: Festival Quartiers Danse Late Summer 2023 - more details soon


the interconnected network of everything and anything

Rhizomes (also called creeping rootstalk) are most popularly known as the botanical explanation for subterranean and horizontally expanding root networks, like the mycelium of fungi for example. Philosophers Gilles Delueze and Felix Guatarri used this botanical concept to philosophically demonstrate and contemplate networks with no clear beginnings and endings, no hierarchal structure, and the interconnected relations found in both human and technological systems. Amara believes that if humans are able to develop an understanding of the Rhizomatic theory, it will then transform into actions that come from a place of respect for all life. We will be able to stray away from scarcity mentality and hyper individualization. Leading us back into community based thinking, because we are all apart of a whole. This piece is an adaptable macramé installation, with a dance film projection featuring Amara's dance and a poem inspired by the rhizome theory, entitled "to whom it may concern".


FOFA Gallery 2023 - installation, video projection


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